The New agricultural strategy includes Development of agricultural land, mechanization, manures and use of HYV seeds.

(i) Development of Agricultural Land:

Special efforts were done during five-year plans to develop agricultural land. Land surveys were conducted.

Soil erosion and water logging has been checked. Leveling of land was done.

(ii) Plant protection:

The process of protecting the plants against diseases, invasion of pests and insects is called plant protection. Special efforts were made to protect the plants from pests and insects. 14 Central Plant Protection Centres have been working under the control of ICAR Indian Council of Agricultural Research.

(iii) Use of High Yielding Variety (HYV) seeds:


High Yield Variety seeds are those whose output is more than normal seeds. HYV seeds are used in the production of wheat rice, Bajra and Jowar. National Seeds Corporation has been setup for production and distribution of HYV seeds.

(iv) More Use of Fertilizers:

Optimum use of fertilizers has increased the production. Steps have been taken to use cow dung as manure. Use of Chemical fertilizers has also increased.

(v) More Irrigation Facilities:

Irrigation is the life line for crop production. During plan period irrigation facilities has increased a lot. Multipurpose projects have developed to increase irrigation facilities Deep Tube wells and lift irrigation schemes were launched to provide better irrigation. In 2004-05 total irrigation area was 546 lakh hectares.

(vi) Mechanisation of Agriculture:

Intensive use of tractors, thrashers and combines is called mechanisation of agriculture. With mechanisation of agriculture it has become easy and time saving occupation. Co-operative Societies, Regional Rural Banks and national banks provide loan to farmers for purchases of agricultural machinery.

(vii) Improvement of Animal Husbandry:

To increase live stock wealth, 86 intensive cattle development Projects have been started in the plan period Many veterinary centres have been opened to check cattle diseases. In Punjab, Guru Aangad Dev University of Animal Husbandry has been opened in 2006.

(viii) Scientific Cultivation:


Scientific cultivation aims at using superior agricultural technology. It involves the use of quality seeds, proper manure, crop rotation and control of pests and insects. Many agricultural universities are doing their best in the field of scientific methods of cultivation.

(ix) Increase in the Areas Under Cultivation:

During plan period it is aimed to increase the net area under cultivation. The waste lands are brought under cultivation. Efforts have been made to reclaim the land lying waste due to soil erosion. Area under cultivation can be increased by multiple cropping. It means raising more than one crop during the year.