The following are the defects of green revolution:

(i) Personal Inequalities:

The new technology in agriculture has created inequalities in rural life. It has widened the gap between rich and poor farmer.

(ii) Limited coverage:

The green revolution has covered main crops Wheat and rice. Other crop like maize, Barley, sugarcane and pulses has little positive effect of green revolution.

(iii) Regional Inequalities:

Green revolution has created regional inequalities. The areas where irrigation facilities are better, the green revolution as benefited the farmers and these areas become rich and areas where irrigation facilities are less. Cannot get the benefit of green revolution.

(iv) Increase in Cost:


Due to green revolution, Cost of agricultural inputs has increased. The poor farmer cannot afford this cost. So they could not get the benefits of green revolution.

(v) Problem of Unemployment:

The machines have taken the place of labourer. So unemployment has increased.

(vi) Over Looking of Land Reforms:

In green revolution, stress is laid only on the use of seeds, manures, fertilizer and tools while land reforms have been overlooked Agricultural development is impossible without land reforms. So land reforms are very important.

(vii) Saturation in Agriculture:

The increase in agriculture production has no doubt bean rapid in Punjab but it has now reached a stage where is no further scope of increasing area under cultivation and rapid increase in productivity.

(viii) Un-favourable Social Effects:


There are several un-favourable social effects of Green Revolution:

(a) Joint Family system is breaking,

(b) Lavish expenditure on social function

(c) Capitalistic farming is on the increase


(d) Liquor and drug addiction increased