To draft a questionnaire, we have to take following steps:

1. Purpose of Inquiry:

First of all to draft a schedule or questionnaire, we must know about the purpose of enquiry. So that the relevant questions can be prepared. Decision of questions depends upon its purpose.

2. Decision about questions:


As told earlier, after knowing its purpose we take decision about the questions. Irrelevant or ambiguous questions should be avoided.

There are various types of questions that we can prepare:

(a) Yes/No Questions

(i) Are you Government servant? Yes/No


(ii) Are you married? Yes/No

(b) Multiple Choice Questions:

(i) How do you go to school? On foot/Bicycle/Scooter/Car

(ii) What is your qualification? Middle/Matric/B.A./M.A.


(c) Open End Questions:

Here no answer is provided on the schedule but informant gives his own views about the questions.

(i) How can interest of students be maintained in sports?

(ii) Give suggestions for improvement in morning assembly.

(d) Specific Questions:

These questions are almost related to the personal qualities of informants

(i) What is your age?

(ii) What is your qualification?

3. Sequence of Questions:


(a) The sequence of questions should be such that it leads from easy to tough questions.

(b) Personal questions should be avoided.

(c) It should be assured to the informant that answers will be kept top secret.

(d) Questions involving calculations should be avoided.


(e) If to be sent by post, a request letter along with humble instructions should be written in the beginning.

Model Questionnaire:

Dear Sir/Madam

I have come to know that you have completed your S.S.C. Examination from C.B.S.E. New Delhi. I want to make a research that what type of institution should be opened for the persons like you. Please go through the questions one by one, answer intelligently and please return within 15 days by the self-addressed envelope sent to you along with this questionnaire.


Thanking in anticipations

Yours Sincerely