Since 1951, the development in the transport sector is quite good but there are many hurdles in the path of progress.

1. Faulty Planning of Transport System:

The development of transport system is unbalanced. There is heavy pressure on rail and road transport in certain cities and regions.

For balanced development of region, alternative routes should be developed e.g. Metro in Delhi has decreased the pressure on road transport.

In metropolitans there is a lack of fast and adequate public transport system. This deficiency leads to explosion of personal transport (own vehicles) which puts extra pressure on roads and cause jams and accidents. On the other hand, hilly and remote areas lack all weather transport facility.

2. Lack of Rail Road Co-ordination:


Rail and Road transport systems are the main means of transportation in a country. These two should work in co-ordination. Generally it is not so e.g. In 1951, the share of road transport in freight traffic and passenger traffic was 11% and 26% respectively. But in present days its share is 60% and 80% respectively.

This growth is undesirable from economic and environmental point of view. In a well planned and co-ordinate way, the railways should be engaged for bulky goods and long distances while road transport should be engaged for small goods and short distances.

3. Worn out and Obsolete Assets:

The main problem of our transport system is its worn out and obsolete assets. In all modes of transport there are old and worn out infrastructure. In railways 25% of the route length and 75 to 80% of machinery in railway workshops have to be replaced. Similarly 80% and above of buses plied by State Road Transport Corporations are out-dated and out modeled. These need immediate replacement. They are main cause of accidents and environmental pollution. In air transport nearly one third of the total fleet requires immediate replacement.

4. Improved technology:

Modernisation and use of latest technology in transport system is the need of hour. In rail and road transport system, we are using age old technology so our progress is slow. Our road construction is of substandard and it increases wear and tear of vehicles and over head expenditure. Our engine design, old signaling system, multi-axle vehicles and worn out tracks are the main problem of railway transport.