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Introduction to Financial Management

Financial management is such a managerial process which is concerned with the planning and control of financial resources. Financial management was started as a separate subject of study in the 20th century. Till now it was used as a part of economics. As an educational subject, its scope has undergone some basic changes from time […]

Financial Planning

1. Meaning of Financial Planning Financial planning has been defined as “the advance programming of all plans of financial management and the integration and coordination of these plans with the operating plans of the enterprise.” There is hardly any aspect of a business which does not have both financial requirements and financial consequences. Financial planning […]

Time Value of Money

‘Time value of money’ is central to the concept of finance. It recognizes that the value of money is different at different points of time. Since money can be put to productive use, its value is different depending upon when it is received or paid. In simpler terms, the value of a certain amount of […]

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