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Objectives of Financial Management

Everything you need to know about the Objectives of Financial Management. Financial Management is an important functional area of business. The objectives of financial management should, therefore, be consistent with the overall objectives of the business. It is the duty of the top management to lay down the objectives or goals which are to be […]

What is Working Capital?

Working capital indicates revolving a circular flow of cash starting with cash paid for purchase of material and ending with cash receipt after the sale of finished goods. This is how working capital is a circular cash flow from cash to inventories and back to cash.  According to Shubin, “working capital is the amount of […]

Time Value of Money

Time value of money is defined as “the value derived from the use of money over time as a result of investment and reinvestment”. Time value of money means that “worth of a rupee received today is different from the worth of rupee to be received in future”. The preference for money now, as compared […]

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