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Factors Determining Capital Structure

Capital Structure of a firm has significant impact on aspects like return to shareholders, Cost of Capital and value of a firm, many factors are required to be taken into consideration while framing the Capital Structure of a firm. These are known as the determinants of Capital Structure. Generally the capital structure is determined taking into account the economic and [...]

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Types of Mergers

Learn about the types of mergers 1. Horizontal Merger 2. Vertical Merger 3. Co-Generic Merger 4. Conglomerate Merger 5. Reverse Merger 6. Merger Through Absorption 7. Merger Through Consolidation 1. Horizontal Merger Horizontal mergers are a merger of two competing firms in the same industry which is engaged in the production of similar products or services. It is a merger [...]

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Credit Rating

Credit Rating is an assessment in terms of alphanumeric symbols to convey the creditworthiness of an individual, company financial instruments or a country. It is a simple and easily understood tool enabling the investor or lender the relative degree of risk associated with a loan amount on a debt instrument or a financial obligation. Credit rating is just an opinion [...]

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