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Top 9 Achievements of Nationalized Banks in India (Critical Appraisal)

Achievements of Nationalized Banks in India! Various achievements of banks in the post-nationalisation period are discussed below: (A) Development of Banking Industry: 1. Lead Bank Scheme: The lead bank scheme was introduced by the Reserve Bank of India towards the end of 1969 with the objective of enabling the commercial banks to assume the role […]

Monetary Policy of RBI: Policy of Credit Expansion & Control (With Evaluation)

Monetary policy refers to the policy of the central bank of a country to regulate and control the volume, cost and allocation of money and credit with the aim of achieving the objectives of optimum levels of output and employment, price stability, balance of payment equilibrium, or any other goal set by the government. Monetary […]

Cooperative Banking in India: History, Structure, Importance and Weaknesses

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Meaning of Cooperative Bank 2. History of Cooperative Banking in India 3. Structure 4. Evaluation 5. Weaknesses Reserve Bank and Cooperative Banking. Meaning of Cooperative Bank: Cooperative bank is an institution established on the cooperative basis and dealing in ordinary banking business. Like other banks, the cooperative […]

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