The skills of an entrepreneur make him or her ideally suited to spot opportunities. As an entrepreneur, one has to strive for excellence. However, few entrepreneurs have the wisdom of excellence versus perfectionism, that is, the ability to judge when striving for excellence. It is based on the principles of “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.”

Following are the variety of skills required by an entrepreneur:

E – Enthusiastic:

Entrepreneurs should be enthusiastic and interested in various activities, thereby being able to gather knowledge and experience from various walks of life. The built in and learned passion is the main thing that helps him to stand ahead of the crowd.

N – Nurturing:

No entrepreneur becomes successful overnight. Their success stories are the product of hope and believe that they carry with themselves. When paired with sustainable growth, developmental steps taken by them over the years towards creativity, it leaves behind a beautiful creation that is looked up to in the years to come.

T – Tactful:

The work of an entrepreneur is no less than a business tycoon. They have to be skillful and master the art of sensitively dealing with each stakeholder who is associated either directly or indirectly with their business by taking into consideration the long term perspective of their organisation’s survival.

R – Righteous:

Entrepreneurs are expected to be ethical, morally right and justifiable towards their work and their associates. By being righteous the entrepreneur will be able to keep the motivation of all associates high and at the same time boost them to engage in the wellbeing of his business.

E – Exceptional:

Entrepreneurs are the ones who have an exceptional approach towards business. Their thoughts are often quite distinct from the ones existing, likewise is their way of working as well. It is because of this exceptional quality that they are able to attract a large number of people and engage them either directly or indirectly in their endeavour.

P – Productive:

The productivity of the entrepreneurs should be visible in their actions and not just merely be restricted to their thoughts. Without achieving the targets it would be very difficult for the entrepreneur to sustain himself and be able to win the trust of the people, because at the end all people are merely interested in the results.

R – Revolutionary:

Entrepreneurs should be able to bring about complete changes. Changes initiated towards the welfare of all is the key to all success as this would be able to bring about differences. Men today look for changes, crave for betterment and seek well-being.

E – Efficient:

Hardwork is the key to all success. The entrepreneurs should be able to work productively with no wastage of money, efforts and resources. This efficiency should be limited to not just to self but lined up and demanded from all stakeholders for healthy growth.

N – Novelty:

The quality of being new and unusual is what makes an entrepreneur different from a common man. There are plenty of areas that are to be rebuilt and this requires the efforts of a person who is novel in their approach to make the situations better for a lot more people.

E – Exemplary:

Entrepreneurs are the best of their kind. They give others a reason to live, a reason to be happy and tension free. Their innovative steps are truly commendable as they in their own way are able to eradicate, if not all but a few problems of mankind.

U – Utilitarian:

It requires immense dare to do something different in the world. The entrepreneurs are able to fulfil their dreams only because they believe that the greatest happiness of the majority is the guiding principle that guides their behaviour.

R – Rejuvenating:

The realistic dreams that are set out by the entrepreneurs makes life more lively and youthful. The fact that entrepreneurs are successful is because their dreams, beliefs and hopes find a place in the world of many who are not as daring as them to take the bold steps but are happy to be a part of it.

S – Self-Reliant:

Successful entrepreneurs are proactive people, who set goals and always try to take full responsibility for their actions. They know the difference between what they are today and what they are going to be tomorrow. Everything depends upon their own choices and decisions.

H – Humanitarian:

All entrepreneurs concentrate a lot on human welfare. They are highly sociable people and the steps that they take engages a large number of people. Their sociable approach is greatly appreciated as they are allowed to operate in the society and not in isolation.

I – Irrepressible:

It is very difficult to restrain any entrepreneur from taking different steps. The way in which entrepreneurs analyse and interpret a situation is very different. It is this characteristic of the entrepreneurs that help them to compete and survive in the competitive and ever changing world.

P – Practical:

Entrepreneurs believe more in actually doing something rather than just being restricted to theory.