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Factors Influencing Entrepreneurship

The emergence of entrepreneurship is not spontaneous. It is influenced by various environmental factors. In other words it is dependent upon economic, social, cultural, political and psychological factors. These environmental factors have both positive and negative influences on the emergence and development of entrepreneurship. Positive factors favourably affect and the negative factor oppositely affects entrepreneurship. Various economic, social, political, technological [...]

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Barriers to Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial ventures begin with a big dream in mind of the person concerned. But to transform that dream into reality is not everyone's cup of tea. This is because the entrepreneurs face a lot of troubles and problems in the process of attainment of their respective. In spite of all the efforts made by individuals and the government to promote [...]

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Entrepreneurial Culture

The entrepreneurial culture is the rock bed of economic growth and development. It fosters the growth of enterprises/businesses with a vision and accountability for the betterment of a society. Entrepreneurial culture implies a set of values, norms and traits that are conducive to the growth of entrepreneurship. Introduction to Entrepreneurial Culture The key to growth is to foster entrepreneurial culture [...]

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