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What is Marketing Concept?

Everything you need to know about what is marketing concept. The concept of marketing and its influential role in the transformation of market, consumer and Indian economy is increasingly felt. It is a pervasive element in contemporary life of everyone. Marketing provides an opportunity to contribute to society as well as to an individual company. […]

What is Rural Marketing?

Everything you need to know about the rural marketing. About two-thirds of the people, especially in the developing countries live in rural areas and depend upon agriculture and related activities for their livelihood. In urban areas, the output from the farm, i.e., food, fibre and other raw materials are processed and made available to the […]

What is Human Resource Development?

Everything you need to know about the human resource development. Human Resource Development is primarily concerned with developing the skill, knowledge and competencies of people. Human Resource Development (HRD) is a people oriented concept. Human Resource Development (HRD) is a recent and rapidly growing concept, various authors have defined this concept, according to their own […]

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