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Functions of Packaging

The first function of packaging is to provide protection to the goods. It is the fundamental function of packaging. The second function of packaging is to secure convenience to consumers and the middlemen. The third function of packaging is the convenience in handling the product. Packaging is the process of enclosing, or containing the product in bottles, plastic bags, wrappers, [...]

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Consumer Behaviour

Everybody in this world is a consumer. Each one of us is buying consumer goods and services in our lives. Consumer behaviour is very complex and is determined by social and psychological factors and it is necessary for a marketing manager to understand properly before he plans the marketing strategy.  The term consumer is used to describe two different types [...]

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Nature and Scope of Marketing

The term "Marketing "is derived from "Market", which can be defined as - "a place where buyers and sellers gather to buy and sell the products". But Marketing is not only about selling; because in order to sell the product we must know the needs (basic requirements) of the customers. "Marketing is a societal process by which individuals and groups [...]

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