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Top 8 Examples to Illustrate the Theory of Cost | Microeconomics

List of top eight examples to illustrate the theory of cost. Example 1. The short-run cost function of a company is given by C = 190 + 53 Q, where C is the total cost and Q is the quantity of output. (i) What is the company’s fixed cost? (ii) If the company produces 100 […]

Theory of Cost: Purpose, Factors and Concept (With Diagram)

In this article we will discuss about theory of Cost:- 1. Subject-Matter on Theory of Cost 2. Information on Cost 3. Purpose of Cost Data 4. Decisions Requiring Cost Information 5. Costs and Expenses 6. Factors Affecting Cost Behaviour. Subject-Matter on Theory of Cost: We may now set forth the fundamentals of the theory of […]

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