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Objectives of Advertising

Advertising is primarily a communication process which provides the market with information on the availability and attributes of alternative products and services. Advertising is a link between producers and consumers. It plays a role of imparting knowledge about the good or bad reactions of certain product or services to the consumers. The objectives of advertising […]

Personal Selling

Personal selling is a part of promotional- mix and it is an art of person-to-person communication for persuading prospects or consumers in the sales process. For introducing effective marketing system, balancing of other marketing elements like, product development, pricing, distribution system, advertising etc. should be organised along with implementation of personal selling methodology. “Personal selling […]

Elements of Promotion Mix

Promotion is coordination of all seller initiated efforts to setup channels of information and presentation to sell goods and services or to sell an idea or promote an idea. The organization’s communication with the market takes place with a carefully planned and controlled promotional program. Promotion mix is a dynamic concept and need to be […]

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