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7 P’s of Service Marketing

Services bear a distinct characteristics. It is true that selecting the right marketing  elements is crucial in relation to professional services marketing. The marketing selection is a task for management that could bring out unique outcomes for every organisation. The marketing for the services however is called the extended marketing. Whereas in the goods marketing ,the marketing consists of 4 [...]

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Sales Training Methods

A firm should work out a programme for sales training. The training is based on the nature of the job and the products to be sold. There is a wide variety of training methods. A company has to choose either one or generally a combination of these methods. The methods chosen should be consistent with the training needs and the [...]

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Sales Forecasting Methods

A sales forecast is an estimation of sales volume that a company can expect to attain within the plan period. A sales forecast is not just a sales predicting. It is the act of matching opportunities with the marketing efforts. Sales forecasting is the determination of a firm's share in the market under a specified future. Thus sales forecasting shows [...]

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