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Principles of HRM

Everything you need to know about the Principles of HRM. Principles are those fundamental rules which guide the management in formulation of policies. In their pioneering piece of work titled "In Search of Excellence", Peters and Waterman (1982) emphasized that in order to achieve productivity through people, the management should put into practice the three fundamental values of "treating them [...]

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Principles of Scientific Management

Everything you need to know about the principles of scientific management as given by F.W. Taylor. In a fundamental sense, scientific management is an attitude and a philosophy which discards the traditional hit-and-miss and rule-of-thumb method of managing work and workers; it means the acceptance and application of the method of scientific investigation for the solution of the problems of [...]

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Importance of Management Principles

Everything you need to know about the importance of management principles. Management principles are the result of long experience of managers in different fields of organised work. A principle is a basic statement that provides understanding and it acts as a guide to thinking and action It is a fundamental truth that explains relationship between two or more sets of [...]

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