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What is Management?

Management is a process, and let us say, a universal process, by which an organisation realises its objectives in a planned way. Modern management thinkers agree that management is a distinct process. People who perform management can be designated as managers, members of management, or executive leaders.  Management is the art of securing maximum prosperity with a minimum of effort. [...]

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Channels of Communication

The channels of communication are: 1. Formal Communication 2. Informal Communication. There are four forms of formal communication as it flows in three directions: 1. Downward Communication 2. Upward Communication 3. Horizontal Communication 4. Crosswise or Diagonal Communication The types of informal communication are: 1. The Grapevine 2. Rumors. Channels of Communication: Formal and Informal Communication Channels of Communication – [...]

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Objectives of Management

The objectives of management can be studied under the following heads: 1. Organisational Objectives 2. Social Objectives 3. Personal Objectives. Some of the objectives of management are: 1. Survival 2. Profit 3. Growth 4. Quality Products 5. Optimum Utilisation of Resources 6. Discipline and Morale 7. Improving Performance 8. Innovation 9. Development of People 10. Minimise the Element of Risk [...]

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