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Types of Psychological Tests

Psychological tests may be categorized into various groupings depending upon the particular purpose of the classification system. There are a number of ways to categorize psychological tests. They can be discussed in terms of how they are scored, constructed, and administered, or in terms of the kinds of behaviour they are designed to measure. There may be group or individual [...]

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HR Policies

Policies are broad guidelines as to how the objectives of a business are to be achieved. Human resource policies lay down the decision making criteria in line with the overall purpose of the organisation in the area of Human Resource Management. They are developed by the HR Manager in consultation with the top management to assist the managers at various [...]

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Personnel Policies

Personnel policies refer to principles and rules of conduct which "formulate, redefine, break into details and decide a number of actions" that govern the relationship with employees in the attainment of the organisation objectives. Personnel policies lay down the criteria for decision making in accordance with the overall purpose of the organisation. The policies for human resources are formulated by [...]

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