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Objectives of Management

The objectives of management can be studied under the following heads: 1. Organisational Objectives 2. Social Objectives 3. Personal Objectives. Some of the objectives of management are: 1. Survival 2. Profit 3. Growth 4. Quality Products 5. Optimum Utilisation of Resources 6. Discipline and Morale 7. Improving Performance 8. Innovation 9. Development of People 10. […]

Objectives of HRM

The primary objective of HRM is to ensure the availability of competent and willing workforce to the organization as well as to meet the needs, aspirations, values and dignity of individuals/employees and having due concern for the socio-economic problems of the community and the country. The human resource management’s objectives may be influenced by organizational, […]

Social Objectives of Business

Everything you need to know about the social objectives of business. Business is an integral organ of society. It is closely related to various sections, e.g., investors, shareholders, employees, workmen suppliers, consumers, and government. A business must fulfil its obligations to various sections of the society. Business is allowed to earn as much profit as […]

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