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Theories of Profit in Managerial Economics

Here is a list of eight main theories of profit in managerial economics. The theories are: 1. Risk-Bearing Theory of Profit 2. Uncertainty-Bearing Theory of Profit 3. Rent Theory of Profit 4. Innovation Theory of Profit 5. Dynamic Theory of Profit 6. Monopoly Power Theory of Profit 7. Labour Exploitation Theory of Profit 8. Marginal […]

Concepts of Managerial Economics (With Diagram)

The following points highlight the seven fundamental concepts of managerial economics. The concepts are: 1. The Incremental Concept 2. The Concept of Time Perspective 3. The Concept of Discounting Principle 4. The Opportunity Cost Concept 5. The Concept of Equimarginal Principle 6. The Contribution Concept 7. The Concept of Negotiation Principle. Managerial Economics: Concept # […]

Notes on Managerial Economics

The below mentioned article provides an overview on Managerial Economics:- 1. Concept of Managerial Economics 2. Definitions of Managerial Economics 3. Meaning of Managerial Economics 4. Relation of Managerial Economics to Other Areas of Management 5. Managerial Economics and Economic Theory 6. Relation of Managerial Economics  to Other Branches of Learning and Others. Contents: Notes […]

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