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Types of Leadership

Leadership cannot exist without followers. The characteristics of the followers play a vital role in the exercise of leadership. The behaviour of a leader is based on the maturity levels of the followers. Here, maturity level refers to job enrichness and psychological maturity (motivation) of followers. Thus, the leader has to adopt task behaviour if […]

What is Leadership?

Leadership is essentially a continuous process of influencing behavior. It may be considered in context of mutual relations between a leader and his followers. The leader tries to influence the behavior of individuals or group of individuals around him to achieve desired goals. Leadership is a dynamic process, which deserves study. It is a relational […]

Functions of Leadership: 14 Major Functions of Leadership

Everything you need to know about the functions of leadership. Leadership requires better understanding of human psychology so that those who are leading and those who are being led may be in a position to learn all about each other as far as possible. This is also required to attain the objectives of the enterprise […]

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