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Features of Human Resource Planning

Everything you need to know about the features and Characteristics of human resource planning. HRP involves appropriate allocation of human resource to various managerial as well as operational activities to accomplish an organization’s objectives. Consequently, an organization can effectively achieve its objectives if its HRP is accurate and efficient. HRP aims at forecasting the demand […]

Objectives of Human Resource Planning

Everything you need to know about the objectives of human resource planning. Human resource planning comprises putting the right number and kind of people at the right place, at the right time, and making them do things for which they are suited, to achieve business goals. In the era of industrialization, structured HR planning has […]

Human Resource Planning: Definition, Importance, Objectives, Process & Prerequisites

In this article we will discuss about human resource planning. Learn about:- 1. Introduction to Human Resource Planning 2. Meaning of Human Resource Planning 3. Definition 4. Need and Importance 5. Objectives 6. Organisation 7. Factors Affecting 8. Human Resource Planning at Different Levels 9. Quantitative and Qualitative Dimensions 10. Prerequisites and Other Details. Contents: […]

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