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Objectives of Advertising

Advertising is primarily a communication process which provides the market with information on the availability and attributes of alternative products and services. Advertising is a link between producers and consumers. It plays a role of imparting knowledge about the good or bad reactions of certain product or services to the consumers. The objectives of advertising can be studied under the [...]

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Sales Promotion Objectives

Sales promotion is set of those promotional activities other than advertising, personal selling and public relations that stimulate buyer's buying enthusiasm. Sales promotion includes providing information about the attribution of the products and communicating messages aimed at satisfying its shareholders, government dealers and the like. Sales promotion objectives are consistent with marketing objectives. However, they may vary with the type [...]

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What is Public Relations?

Everything you need to know about public relations. Public relation is an important element in the promotion mix. In the era of globalization, the most of the multinational companies make concrete efforts to manage and maintain its relationships with its customers. Most of the multinational companies have its public relation department that makes all effort to monitor the attitude and [...]

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