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Personal Selling

Personal selling is a part of promotional- mix and it is an art of person-to-person communication for persuading prospects or consumers in the sales process. For introducing effective marketing system, balancing of other marketing elements like, product development, pricing, distribution system, advertising etc. should be organised along with implementation of personal selling methodology. “Personal selling […]

Sales Promotion Objectives

Sales promotion is set of those promotional activities other than advertising, personal selling and public relations that stimulate buyer’s buying enthusiasm. Sales promotion includes providing information about the attribution of the products and communicating messages aimed at satisfying its shareholders, government dealers and the like. Sales promotion objectives are consistent with marketing objectives. However, they […]

Importance of Personal Selling

Everything you need to know about the importance of personal selling. Personal selling plays a vital role in promotion of goods and services of an organization. The importance of the personal selling is three fold i.e., the benefits which it provides to business; customer and society. Personal selling is an important element of promotion mix […]

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