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Neoclassical Theory of Money (Monetary Issues): With Graphs, Equations & Formulas

Neoclassical Theory of Money (Monetary Issues): With Graphs, Equations & Formulas! Neoclassical theory of money has been developed as a part of reaction against the Keynesian revolution. Keynes repudiated the classical theory of full – employment equilibrium and demonstrated the possibility of less – than – full employment equilibrium. The counter – revolution which was […]

Market Mechanism in Economics: Examples and Graphs

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. What is Market Mechanism 2. Efficiency under Market Mechanism 3. Examples 4. Graphs. What is Market Mechanism: Market mechanism is often interpreted as a ‘free’ market system. For a layman ‘free’ means that when you go to a market, there is no re­striction – you can buy […]

How is Exchange Rate Determined in India?

The following procedure is observed in India for the determination of Exchange Rate:- In theory terms exchange rate determination is explained by two main models: 1. Flexible/floating exchange rate model  2. Fixed/pegged exchange model 1. Flexible Exchange Rate Model: When we treat exchange as a price of any foreign currency, then we can use the […]

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