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Executive Development

Everything you need to know about executive development. Executive development – or simply development because it refers to learning opportunities thrown open to managers working at various levels – is any attempt to improve managerial performance by imparting knowledge, changing attitudes or increasing skills. The aim of development is not just to improve current job […]

Difference between Training and Development

Everything you need to know about the distinction and differences between training and development. Training and development differ from each other in terms of their content and objectives. Steinmetz (1969) has differentiated them. According to her, while training is a short term process by which non-managerial personnel learn technical knowledge and skills for a definite […]

Theory of Demographic Transition & Fertility | Population Growth | Economics

A significant issue relating to population growth is what determines fertility rate on which birth rate of a country depends. The second important issue is how economic development affects birth rate and death rate and thereby determines population growth. This issue is dealt with in the theory of demographic transition. The third important issue is […]

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