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Types of Cost of Capital

Learn about types of cost of capital: 1. Opportunity Cost of Capital 2. Explicit and Implicit Cost of Capital 3. Specific and Overall Cost of Capital 4. Marginal Cost of Capital. 1. Opportunity cost of capital is the rate of return foregone on the next best alternative investment opportunity. 2.  Explicit cost of capital to a company involves a payment [...]

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Batch Costing

Batch Costing is used where articles are produced in batches and held in stock for assembly of components to produce finished products or for sale to customers. Costs are collected against each batch. When the batch is completed cost per unit is computed by dividing total cost by the number of units in each batch. Batch Costing is used for [...]

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Budgetary Control

Budgetary control is a system whereby the budgets are used as a means of planning and controlling costs. Budgeting lays down as to what is to be attained and how it is to be attained while control ensures that the objectives are realised and actual results do not deviate from the planned course more than necessary. CIMA has defined budgetary [...]

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