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Approaches to Job Design

Everything you need to know about the approaches to job design. Job designing and redesigning have become regular features on an effective organizations strategy charts. Job rotation, job enlargement, job enrichment are among approaches to design or redesign a job. Job design refers to the way in which sets of interrelated tasks—leading to a desired […]

Scientific Management

Everything you need to know about scientific management. Scientific management can be defined as an intellectually complex set of techniques for coordinating human behaviour in organisations or for providing organisational members with the skills and knowledge to do so. This implies that it is systematic study of relationships between people and tasks that enables redesigning […]

Classical Approach to Management

The classical approach to management started around the year 1900. The principles developed under this approach are accepted even today. Under this that manager’s approach it is felt that more stress should be given to production instead of manpower. It also believes that the employee is motivated by the economic incentives. The classical approach is […]

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