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Type of Coordination

Everything you need to know about the types of co-ordination. Coordination is the combination of all efforts, activities and forces that operate and interact within and outside enterprise. Co-ordination is a classical concept developed at an early stage of the evolution of management thought. Co-ordination is one of the important functions of management. Henri Fayol, James Moorey and other management [...]

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Principles of Coordination

Everything you need to know about the principles of coordination formulated by Mary Parker Follett. Principles refer to fundamental truths on which an action is based. In order to ensure effective co-ordination, the co-ordination should be based on certain principles. Effective co-ordination entirely depends upon effective leadership. Co-ordination and leadership together can assure direction of corporate efforts effectively towards the [...]

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Everything you need to know about coordination. Coordination is the force that binds all the other functions of management. Coordination is the common thread that runs through all activities such as - purchase, production, sales, and finance to ensure continuity in the working of the organisation. Sometimes it is considered as a separate function of management. Coordination is the essence [...]

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