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Channels of Communication

The channels of communication are: 1. Formal Communication 2. Informal Communication. There are four forms of formal communication as it flows in three directions: 1. Downward Communication 2. Upward Communication 3. Horizontal Communication 4. Crosswise or Diagonal Communication The types of informal communication are: 1. The Grapevine 2. Rumors. Channels of Communication: Formal and Informal Communication Channels of Communication – [...]

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Process of Communication

Everything you need to know about the process of communication. Communication refers to the process by which the information is transmitted and understood between two or more people. Transmitting the sender's intended meaning is the essence of effective communication. Communication involves two people - a sender and a receiver. One person alone cannot communicate. Communication has been defined as a [...]

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What is Communication?

Communication is as old as human civilization. The common need for protection led to group life. As group life developed, forms of communication also developed. Communication was in the forms of codes, indications, signals and expressions. Gradually with the increase in population, division of labour, exchange economy, etc., necessitated the development of language. In the present day world, communication is [...]

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