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Industrial Dispute

An industrial dispute is defined as a conflict or a difference in opinion between management and workers regarding employment. It is a disagreement between an employer and employees representative i.e. trade union. The issue of disagreement is usually pay or other working conditions. During an industrial dispute, both the parties try to pressurize each other to agree to their terms [...]

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Payment of Wages

Wage payment system consists of the pay structures and the methods used to motivate and reward work force for their contribution to the goals of the organisation. Various systems of the wage payments have been developed in different industries and in different countries. All of these systems may, however, be regarded as variants or combinations of different principles of time-rate [...]

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Wage Differentials

Wage differentials bear a direct relationship to the diversity in occupation and industries that exist in the economic sphere of activity in a country. A certain job requiring a certain skill is paid more or less than another job requiring a different skill either in the same or some other industry. Wage differential refers to differences in wage rates due [...]

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