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Wage Differentials

Wage differentials bear a direct relationship to the diversity in occupation and industries that exist in the economic sphere of activity in a country. A certain job requiring a certain skill is paid more or less than another job requiring a different skill either in the same or some other industry. Wage differential refers to […]

Measurement of Labour Turnover

Labour turnover is the ratio of the number of workers leaving the factory during a given period to the average number of workers in employment during the same period. Measurement of turnover is an important problem for determining the numbers of people to be recruited at a particular point of time. Its knowledge assists the […]

Forms of Workers Participation in Management

Everything you need to know about the different forms of workers participation in management. Workers participation in management means giving scope for workers to influence the managerial decision-making process at different levels by various forms in the organisation. There are various forms of workers’ participation operation, among these include works committees, joint management councils, shop […]

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