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Types of Products

There are several general categories of products. Some are new to the market (e.g., DVD players into the home movie market), some are new to the company (e.g., Game consoles for Sony), some are completely novel and create totally new markets (e.g., the airline industry). The types of products can be studied under the following […]

Quality Circle

Quality circle is a people building philosophy based on the premise that an employee doing a particular job is biggest expert of that field and thus is in a better position to identify, analyse and resolve the work related problems through their innovative and unique ideas. In fact, it is a practical application of McGregor’s […]

Types of Marketing

Everything you need to know about the types of marketing. Marketing as a discipline is constantly evolving. The existing concepts are analyzed and updated to suit the current economic and social trends. Newer concepts also emerge as a result of technological innovations and marketing research. The older marketing theories which were widely accepted a few […]

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