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Corporate Planning

Corporate Planning may be defined as the process of deciding long term goals and objectives within the ambit of organisation’s strength and weaknesses in the existing and prospective environmental setting to ensure their achievement either by integrating the short term and long term plans or by adopting such measures which may bring even structural changes […]

Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

Communication is a sum of all the things a person does while interacting with others and it is a bridge of meaning. Communication involves continuous process of telling, listening and understanding. Fisher stated that a person can influence others by the means of behaviour and through communication only this influence can be created upon other […]

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a system through which companies try to evoke responses from prospects without use of intermediary channels. The interface between the marketer and the customer totally eliminates presence of channel members such as distributors, wholesalers, retailers etc. Direct marketing is a collection of techniques that enable organizations to market products directly to customers […]

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