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E-Learning: Meaning, Types, Requisites and Advantages

E-learning provides an excellent platform for organizations to maximize their productivity and human resource potential. It provides good opportunities for content and course providers. The process has an embedded learning management system that enables learners to perform a variety of activities including content creation, tracking, reporting, and management of the learning function. Learn about:- 1. […]

Advantages of Training Employees

Everything you need to know about the advantages of training towards organisation, industries, management, workers, employers and employees. Training is a process through which a person enhances and develops his efficiency, capacity, and effectiveness at work by improving and updating his knowledge and understanding the skills relevant to his or her job. Training also helps […]

Difference between Training and Development

Everything you need to know about the distinction and differences between training and development. Training and development differ from each other in terms of their content and objectives. Steinmetz (1969) has differentiated them. According to her, while training is a short term process by which non-managerial personnel learn technical knowledge and skills for a definite […]

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