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Strategic Management

Strategy of a business enterprise consists of what management decides about the future direction and scope of the business. It entails managerial choice among alternative action programmes, commitment to specific product markets, competitive moves and business approaches to achieve enterprise objective. In short, it may be called the game plan of management. The decisions constituting strategy ideally involve matching of [...]

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Marketing Strategies

Everything you need to know about marketing strategies. Stated in simple terms, marketing strategy of a firm is the complete and unbeatable plan or instrument designed specifically for attaining the marketing objectives of the firm. The marketing objectives will tell us where the firm wants to go; the marketing strategy will provide the design for getting there. Learn about:- 1. [...]

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Types of Growth Strategies

Everything you need to know about the types of growth strategies. A growth strategy is one that an enterprise pursues when it increases its level of objectives upward, much higher than an exploration of its past achievement level. The most frequent increase indicating a growth strategy is to raise the market share and or sales objectives upward significantly. Growth Strategy [...]

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