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Selection Tests

The selection tests aim at measuring such skills and abilities in a worker that are decided by job analysis to be essential for successful job performance. A test is an instrument designed to measure selected psychological factors. Cronbach defines it as, “A test is a systematic procedure for comparing the behaviour of two or more […]

Selection Process in HRM

Everything you need to know about the selection process in human resource management. Finding the interested candidates who have submitted their profiles for a particular job is the process of recruitment, and choosing the best and most suitable candidates among them is the process of selection. It results in elimination of unsuitable candidates. It follows […]

Employee Selection Process (Step by Step Process)

Everything you need to learn about the employee selection process. Selection is represented as a series of steps through which job applicants must pass through in order to be hired. Each step is important because at each step, information may be revealed and the decision may lead to disqualification or rejection of the candidate. A […]

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