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Scope of HRM

Everything you need to know about the scope of HRM. HRM is concerned with the 'people' dimensions of the organisations. The organizational objectives can be best attained by acquiring human resource, develop their skills, motivate them for high performance and ensure that they continue to maintain their commitment and loyalty towards the high performance. The scope of HRM is very [...]

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The Scope of Economics

In this article we will discuss about the scope and nature of economics. Economists differ in their views regarding the scope of economics. The scope of economics' is a broad subject and encompasses not only its subject matter but also various other things, such as its scientific nature, its ability to pass value judgments, and to suggest solutions to practical [...]

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Scope of Taxable Capacity: 5 Factors | Taxation

The following points highlight the top five factors determining the scope of taxable capacity. The factors are: 1. Income 2. The rate of taxes 3. The way the resources are used 4. The attitude of the people 5. Special circumstances. Factor # 1. Income: The level of income is no doubt the primary determinant of taxable capacity. But its nature [...]

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