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How to Recruit Employees?

Recruitment is the process by which a large number of prospective candidates are attracted by various methods to apply for the positions available. According to Edwin B. Flippo, recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organisation. The objective of recruitment is to attract a large number of potential candidates [...]

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What is Recruitment?

Recruitment has been regarded as the most important function of personnel administration. Unless the right types of people are hired, even the best plans, organisation charts and control systems will be of no avail. A company cannot prosper, grow or even survive without adequate human resources. Need for trained manpower in recent years has created a pressure on some organisations [...]

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Recent Trends in Recruitment

Recruitment is a function that requires business perspective, expertise, ability to find and match the best potential candidate for the organization, diplomacy, marketing skills (as to sell the position to the candidate) and wisdom to align the recruitment processes for the benefit of the organization. Recruitment is the process of finding the apt candidates and inducing them to apply for [...]

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