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HR Policies

Policies are broad guidelines as to how the objectives of a business are to be achieved. Human resource policies lay down the decision making criteria in line with the overall purpose of the organisation in the area of Human Resource Management. They are developed by the HR Manager in consultation with the top management to assist the managers at various [...]

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Wage Policy

Everything you need to know about wage policy. The term "Wage Policy" refers to legislation of government action undertaken to regulate the level or structure of wages or both for the purpose of achieving specific objectives of social and economic policy. The social and economic aspects of wage policy are normally inter-related measure inspired by special considerations; inevitably have economic [...]

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Objectives of Monetary Policy (With Conclusion) | Economics

In this article we will discuss about the general and conflicting objectives of monetary policy. General Objectives of Monetary Policy: (i) Neutrality of Money (ii) Exchange Stability (iii) Price Stability (iv) Full Employment (v) Economic growth (vi) Conflicting Objectives of Monetary Policy (vii) Conclusion- Choosing a suitable Objectives. Various objectives or goals of monetary policy are: (i) Neutrality of Money [...]

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