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What is Management Information System?

The concept of ‘Management Information System’ which is being used here is somewhat different, than the ‘information’ as ‘present’ ‘collected’ ‘assembled’ and ‘processed’ in most of the private and public concerned. The various activities of the firm which involve collecting, processing, storing and reporting of information can usefully be considered as a system. Learn about: […]

Rightsizing and Downsizing

The process of making a company or organization a more effective size, especially by reducing the number of people working for it is called rightsizing. Rightsizing is a process of bringing an organization to an optimal size. The main purpose of rightsizing is to minimize the company’s cost to optimize its profits. Downsizing gives a […]

Organizational Structure

Everything you need to know about organizational structure. Organisation structure provides a basis or framework within which managers and non-managerial employees perform the jobs assigned to them. In other words, organisation structure may be considered as the core element around which various functions are performed and several processes operate. The structure of organisation is consciously […]

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