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Nature and Scope of Marketing

The term "Marketing "is derived from "Market", which can be defined as - "a place where buyers and sellers gather to buy and sell the products". But Marketing is not only about selling; because in order to sell the product we must know the needs (basic requirements) of the customers. "Marketing is a societal process by which individuals and groups [...]

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Product Planning Process

The product planning process starts either with a recognised customer need or with a basic product idea established through market research or other sources. Regardless of the pedigree of the product idea—it may originate from a salesman, a customer, the company's advertising agents, the technical research and develop­ment department, the suggestions box or the chairman's wife— market research should be [...]

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Product Positioning

"Product Positioning refers to a brand's objective (functional) attributes in relation to other brands. It is a characteristic of the physical product and its functional features". Product positioning means "relating a product to the market." In simple words, group of customers with common characteristics are first identified. It also involves analysis of product strengths and weaknesses and competitor's ability to [...]

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