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Role of HR Manager in an Organisation

HR manager plays a pivotal role to achieve organizational objectives. It is human resource/work people who perform task and achieve company goals. So, human resource is a must in an organization. To get the right number and right kind of human resource at the right time of company need and to motivate, prepare and develop […]

Roles of a Manager

Everything you need to know about the roles of a manager in an organisation. Manager is responsible to integrates all the activities which are performed in an organisation. In other words, he has to co-ordinate the talents of people working under him for the purpose of achieving the organisational goals. The role of a manager […]

Skills of an Effective Manager

Everything you need to know about the skills of an effective manager. Managerial skills are vital to attain the organisational goals. The management cannot be effective if the managers do not possess the right kind of skillset. For better management, every manager needs to possess three types of managerial skills – conceptual skills, human relations […]

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