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Causes of Labour Turnover

Everything you need to know about the causes for labour turnover. Labour turnover is a natural phenomenon occurring because of social and economic causes. However, while analysing these causes, it is necessary to distinguish between normal labour turnover and excessive labour turnover. The logic behind such a classification is the problem to be faced by […]

Factors Affecting the Supply of Labour | Production | Economics

In every economic field the market of labour is affected by the demand and supply powers. The supply of labour is considered on the basis of population, different age groups, participation of sex ratio and their education. Supply of labour is related with that quantity and rate at which the labourers are ready to work. […]

Problems of Labour in India | Economics

Land is an indispensable but a passive factor production in economics. No production is possible without the use of labour. We cannot expect any production without labour i.e., why it is said to be an indispensable and active factor of production. Labour is one of the main factors which constitute the material foundation of society. […]

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