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Asian Development Bank: Role and Functions | Finance

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Role of Asian Development Bank 2. Operations of Asian Development Bank 3. Resources. Role of Asian Development Bank: It was formed to foster economic growth and co-operation in the region of Asia and the Pacific and to contribute to the acceleration of economic development of the developing […]

How is Currency Convertibility Done?

The following article will guide you about how is currency convertibility done. Also learn about the IMF rules on convertibility. In international transactions currencies of different countries are used. Some of the world’s currencies are accepted in all types of transactions throughout the world. These are called convertible currencies. Examples are US dollar, Swiss franc, […]

Factors Affecting the Exchange Rate | International Finance

The following points highlight the four main factors affecting the exchange rate. The factors are: 1. Differing Rates of Inflation 2. Capital Movements 3. Structural Changes 4. Role of Speculation. Factor # 1. Differing Rates of Inflation: True enough, the exchange rates of countries that inflate fastest will be depreciating, while the exchange rates of […]

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