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Industrial Dispute

An industrial dispute is defined as a conflict or a difference in opinion between management and workers regarding employment. It is a disagreement between an employer and employees representative i.e. trade union. The issue of disagreement is usually pay or other working conditions. During an industrial dispute, both the parties try to pressurize each other to agree to their terms [...]

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Approaches to Industrial Relations

Everything you need to know about the approaches to industrial relations. The concept of industrial relations has been extended to denote the relations of the state with employers, workers and their organizations. The subject, therefore, includes individual relations and joint consultations between employers and work people at their workplace, collective relations between employers and their organizations and trade unions and [...]

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Prevention of Industrial Disputes: Methods, Ways and Measures

Everything you need to know about prevention of industrial disputes. Industrial Dispute means any dispute or difference between employers and employees or between employer and workmen or between workmen and workmen, which is connected with the employment or non-employment or the terms of employment or with the conditions of labour of any person. Prevention of industrial disputes may have different [...]

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