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Top 9 Factors Determining Efficiency of Labour | Economics

The following points highlight the top nine factors determining efficiency of labour. The factors are: 1. Racial Qualities 2. Climate 3. Income and Standard of Living 4. Working Conditions 5. General and Technical Education 6. Efficiency of Other Factors 7. Welfare Services 8. Motivation and Incentives 9. Economy of High Wages. Factor # 1. Racial […]

Marketing Efficiency: Concept, Types and Indicators

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Concept of Marketing Efficiency 2. Types of Marketing Efficiency 3. Indicators. Concept of Marketing Efficiency: The concept of marketing efficiency is so broad and dynamic that no single definition at present encompasses all of its theoretical and practical implications. Fred Waugh remarked that “an unsophisticated student might […]

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