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Economic Ideas of Saint Simon

The following points highlight the top three economic ideas of Saint Simon. The economic ideas are: 1. St. Simon’s Parable 2. Industrial Order 3. Industrial Government. Economic Idea # 1. St. Simon’s Parable: St. Simon’s leading ideas, contained within the compass of a few striking pages, have since become known as “Saint-Simon’s Parable”. “Let us […]

Biography of Adam Smith (With His Theories)| Economist

In this article we will discuss about Adam Smith:- 1. Introduction to Adam Smith 2. Life and Antecedents of Adam Smith 3. Factors Influencing 4. Philosophy 5. Smith’s Naturalism and Optimism 6. Wealth of Nations 7. Economic Ideas 8. Theory of Value 9. Ideas on Distribution 10. Theory of Economic Growth 11. Laissez Faire or […]

List of Famous Economist of the World

List of some of the most famous economist of the world:- 1. Jean Baptiste Say 2. James Mill 3. Lord Lauderdale 4. John Rae 5. Karl Heinrich Rau 6. John Ramsay Mcculloch 7. Henry Charles Carey 8. Hermann 9. Frederic Bastiat. Famous Economist # 1. Jean Baptiste Say (1767-1832): Jean Baptiste Say was a follower […]

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