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Types of Mergers

Learn about the types of mergers 1. Horizontal Merger 2. Vertical Merger 3. Co-Generic Merger 4. Conglomerate Merger 5. Reverse Merger 6. Merger Through Absorption 7. Merger Through Consolidation 1. Horizontal Merger Horizontal mergers are a merger of two competing firms in the same industry which is engaged in the production of similar products or services. It is a merger [...]

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Mergers and Acquisitions

1. Mergers A merger refers to the combination of two or more companies into a single company. This combination may be either through absorption or consolidation. In legal parlance mergers are also referred to as amalgamations. Mergers may occur in four ways i.e.: (i) By purchase of assets (ii) By purchase of common stock (iii) By exchange of stock for [...]

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Company Formation in India

Formation of a company involves a number of steps which are required to be taken from the time a business idea originates till the time a company is legally ready to commence business. The stages and steps  involved in the formation of a company are:- 1. Promotion Stage 2. Incorporation Stage 3. Capital Subscription Stage 4. Commencement of Business Stage. [...]

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