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Advantages and Disadvantages of Partnership

Everything you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of partnership. Partnership organisation is admirably suitable for medium-size undertakings, where personal efforts of the owners are essential. Besides sole proprietorship partnership is another popular form of business organisation that exist in our society. The term partnership literally means, ‘an association of two or more […]

Forms of Business Organisation

Everything you need to know about the forms of business organisation. Most production and distribution activities are carried out by millions of people in different parts of the country by constituting various kinds of organizations. These organizations are based on some form of ownership. This choice affects a number of managerial and financial issues, including […]

Partnership Firm

Everything you need to know about the partnership form of business. The need for partnership form or organization arose from the limitations of sole proprietor­ship and joint hindu family firm. With the expansion of business, it became necessary for a group of person to join hands together and supply necessary capital and skill. A person […]

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