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Budgetary Control

Budgetary control is a system whereby the budgets are used as a means of planning and controlling costs. Budgeting lays down as to what is to be attained and how it is to be attained while control ensures that the objectives are realised and actual results do not deviate from the planned course more than necessary. CIMA has defined budgetary [...]

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A budget is a plan of action for a future period. Managerial actions that follow their  decisions with regard to the aspects of business are based on a budget. The budget pertaining to any of the activities of business is always forward- looking. It is prepared prior to a defined period of time. The CIMA Official Terminology defines a budget [...]

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Objectives of Budgetary Control

Everything you need to know about objectives of budgetary control. The management of an organisation is primarily concerned with the realization of organisational objectives. In its efforts to achieve these objectives, it has to manage the enterprise efficiently by optimising the use of resources and eliminating or minimising the wastes, if any. Budgetary control is one of the important techniques [...]

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