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What are the Barriers of Communication?

Everything you need to know about the different barriers of communication. There are many communication barriers which tend to distort the messages that pass between sender and receiver. It leads to misunderstanding and conflict among the organisational members. Managers frequently cite that communication breakdown is one of their most important problems. However, communication problems are […]

Types of Barriers to Communication

Everything you need about the types of barriers to communication. Communication barriers are the factors that obstruct the effectiveness of communication. They result in mismatch between understanding of the message by the sender and the receiver. These barriers can occur at any stage of the communication process—sending, encoding, transmission, decoding or receiving. The barriers to […]

Overcoming Barriers to Communication

Everything you need to know about the suggestions, measures and ways for overcoming the barriers to communication. Communication is one of the major keys to understand people and how and why they act as they do. Effective communication is vital to successful management. Therefore, each manager should be familiar with several methods of overcoming communication […]

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