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Centralisation and Decentralisation of Authority

Centralisation of authority denotes the concentration of authority in a few hands, generally at the top of the organisational hierarchy. Decisions are taken at the top by a few, and communicated down to the lower rungs of the management. That’s means that all operational and policy directions are given by a few at the top […]

Decentralisation of Authority

Everything you need to know about decentralisation of authority. Decentralisation is passing of authority to make decisions to the lowest possible level in the organisational hierarchy. Decentralisation is delegation of authority to the maximum possible extent. Decentralization marks an extension of the process of delegation. Under decentralization, the central unit of an organization distributes functions, […]

Authority and Responsibility in Management

Everything you need to know about authority and responsibility in management. Authority means a formal, institutional or legal power in a particular job, function or position that empowers the holder of that job, function or position to successfully perform his task. Responsibility is the obligation of a subordinate to perform a duty, which has been […]

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